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Safe Weight Loss Programs for Rockford, IL

You've probably tried many different weight loss methods. But every time you drop a few pounds, the weight seems to come right back. What if you could lose that weight and keep it off for life? And what if you could improve your health so you no longer need all your medications?

At Chicago Weight Loss & Wellness Clinic, we help you meet these goals. We don't offer crash diet weight loss programs-wet each you howto change your lifestyle.

When you come to Chicago Weight Loss & Wellness Clinic, you meet with a nutrition doctor who helps you look and feel your best.

We treat clients from many walks of life, including corporate executives and NFL players. Our clients have all seen great results-some have even lost more than 100 pounds!

What are you waiting for? Your wellness journey starts here. Use the contact information below to get in touch with our Rockford, IL clinic today.

3065 North Perryville Rd, #147 Rockford, IL 61114
Phone: 815-627-6106 
Call for FREE consultation 847-884-7379 in Chicagoland.
Call for FREE consultation 815-414-9969 in Rockford area.
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