Have You Hit a Plateau with Your Weight Loss


It is hard to fathom that for weeks your body was responding to all your hard work at the gym and the super healthy diet that made your colleagues cringe , and now all of a sudden, the scales won’t budge an ounce.

Here are a few proven tips to break that plateau

A plateau is really inevitable at some stage of your weight loss regime-either your body gets used to your diet or your exercise routine. Change- is the Mantra- Change your exercise schedule- for example, if you were addicted to your treadmill, try cross training or power yoga for a change.

Lipotropic injections- Lipotropic injections are a combination of natural amino acids and vitamins that can stimulate the liver and increase metabolism. Thus excessive and stubborn fats from some parts of the body such as the thighs, buttocks , and stomach are dissolved. Call us at 847-884-7379 to find out more about including lipotropic injections as a part of your regime.
Include new food groups and recipes- Be on the lookout for new healthy recipes using fresh and seasonal produce and plenty of fresh herbs, so you do not get bored by eating the same healthy foods. Planning your meals in advance is very crucial.
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