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A General Physician is the one who attends and cures patients of all ages with intermittent and prolonged sickness as well as directs or assigns those with major conditions to a hospital for advanced treatment. The doctors here may detect, cure as well as handle and deal with disease or ailment with utmost care and concern.


Functional medicine basically means complete and comprehensive examination of physical and mental health by way of exposed, secure as well as economical care based on indications sensitive to the priority and essentials of the patients. The functional doctors examine and rectify patients irrespective of any sex or age for the diseases or with the problem pertaining to the organ system. The functional practitioners and the patient’s family have friendly association despite of the fact that not all the members of the family are treated by the family doctor

By employing their expansive knowledge and literacy and exercising their best care and medical aid to the patients during all phase and moment of life, these general practitioners tackle as well as attend to illness or ailment with complete attention and responsibility. These general practitioners utilize a series of clinical, biological as well as behavioral sciences during their profession of practicing by combining all the particulars and details of their patients ’lives in the course of treatment.


The eligibility required for a general practitioner or functional physicians is a four year MD or DO medical degree and after which the physician ought to partake in a three year residency program and practice exclusively in family medicine, whereby the practitioner acquires hands-on training as well as directions in the domains of travelling, inmates and community medicine. The residency ought to be approved and certified by the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Association (ACGME), and in general delivers consecutive training in the medical specialties such as – inpatient hospital care, general surgery, pediatrics, pregnancy and its interrelated process.

For those family doctors who opt to incline for board certified in family medicine by the ABFM (American Board of Family Medicine), the doctor need to be qualified in an entrance exam monitored and supervised by the ABFM. Moreover, in order to retain their board certification, the physician ought to accomplish an activity of recertification on all days of the week.

Over and above, the family practitioners may practice and undertake two years of supplementary residency training in departments such as – auxiliary medicine, internal medicine or psychological. An added or subsidiary and distinct training in the mentioned domains like the – sports medicine, rural medicine, research, senior citizens, medicines dealing with childbirth and care of mother (tocology), preventive medicine, or faculty development for a term of one year post residency program can be pursued by those doctors willing to complete a fellowship.

The CAQs (Certificates of Added Qualifications) provided by the ABFM in the sphere of medicine for the juvenile, medicine for the elderly people, sanitarium, palliative care, sleep medicine along with the CAQs need to be sanctioned each ten years.

In short, functional medicine Chicago deals with the three divisions, i.e., Knowledge, Skill and Process.

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