Dealing with the Public

  • By Dr. Anand Thakkar
  • 16 Mar, 2016
Doctors like other service professionals serve the public as a whole. People come in all different sizes, shapes and personalities and in Chicago, they even come from differing cultural backgrounds. I believe in order to provide them with better help, I need to understand a little better about where they are coming from.

When a patient interacts with me as a doctoe, they bring their own biases to the table.If I understand these biases, I can be more effective in treating them.

I usually come up with a weight loss plan that I feel is most ideal for that person according to his lifestyle , work life, social life and pre existing health conditions. But this may not be accepted completely by the patient. They often come with a desired outcome in their mind and it usually helps if I ask my patient- “What would you like me to do for you?” Then they usually respond with-“ You’re the doctor.”
I usually will ask you-‘Well if you could have your way, then what could you like me to achieve for you?”
This kind of banter provides me an insight about your expectations and biases if any. Fortunately, I am able to help them in the manner they envision, but at times, the treatment outcome or duration of treatment that they desire is not the best solution for them . Together, we can discuss your treatment outcomes and expectations. This can take anytime from a few minutes to a few appointments with me. Given that no two patients are alike and no two weight loss treatment plans are going to be alike, this is usually the way I like to treat my patients.
Also, patients need to rule out other options prior to committing to one specific weight loss or diet plan that I amy think or perceive to be the best for them.
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