Behavioral Therapy


Bariatric medicine addresses issues of diet, behavior, and weight maintenance as well as emotional responses to obesity.

Whether you lose weight using Appetite Suppressants or Hormone therapy, the results may be temporary if your attitude towards food, health and fitness is not positively altered.

You may go back or fall into an unhealthy lifestyle, which may cause you to regain the weight you lost! Many people show emotional responses of having low self-esteem and less confidence due to their obesity. To have a lasting success, medications alone are not sufficient.

You need a Coach, who understands your lifestyle, eating habits etc and guide you every step of your way. At Chicago Weight Loss & Wellness Clinic, our physician or one of his professionally trained associates will counsel you in various areas and provide motivational suggestions and therapy which can be practiced daily without fad diets.

Set "Real" Expectations and Goals
Express your goal in terms that are measurable and realistic.
Assign a timeline to your goal.
Breakdown your goal into manageable steps.
Create accountability.

Prepare - Are you ready?
If you care enough for a result, you will most certainly attain it. Your Readiness Profile.

Control - Portion Control, portion control, portion control
Practice and be a master over portion control

Learn how body and mind respond to eating, over-eating, starvation and physical activity.
Understand the concept of metabolism (fat, carbohydrate and protein), nutrition, muscle mass and fat deposition.
Mechanism of how appetite center work.
Understand the starvation mode.

Overcome impulsive and emotional eating..
Break the cycle of overeating in response to emotions and stress. (People over-eat in response to emotions like stress, anger, boredom, happiness etc.) Simple and mature techniques to cope with stress to prevent binging overeating. Overcome food addiction. (Junk food is more addictive than smoking.)

Create a "No Fail" Environment at home and your surroundings.
Awareness to shape, design and manage your environment so it is virtually impossible for you to fail at weight control.
Minimize the opportunities that invite needless snacking and binging.

Response to High-Yield Nutrition
An approach to nutritional balance that will maintain your weight, increase vitality and longevity.
Think about food in a completely different context – which you never thought before.

Intentional Exercise – by Certified Personal Trainer
Learn simple body exercises that can be done at home.
Create an addiction to exercise.

Establish Your Circle of Support
Take pride in your weight loss and create a sense of accountability with us and individuals (family, friends, etc.).

We at Chicago Weight Loss & Wellness Clinic will encourage you and provide the support you need to achieve and maintain your goal for the next 12 months.

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