A Guide to Lipotropic Injections

  • By Dr. Anand Thakkar
  • 16 Mar, 2016
A Guide to Lipotropic Injections

As a tool to lose weight, lipotropic injections serve as a treatment to help one lose weight and burn fat at a faster pace. Lipotropics help to increase the liver’s production of Lecithin, which breaks up cholesterol and moves it through the blood. They encourage appetite suppression and speed up the metabolism. Ultimately, lipotropic injections give an extra boost needed to lose weight one has been struggling to lose.

Who Do They Benefit?

Lipotropic injections are ideal for those who already are on a weight loss plan, but are experiencing a weight loss plateau. These injections have a proven track record to help someone lose weight from stubborn parts of the body including the hips, thighs or neck. Alternatively, Lipotropic injections can also serve as a health supplement for those that are trying to maintain a healthy weight.

What do Lipotropic Injections do?

Lipotropic injections stimulate both the metabolism and liver guiding the body to burn more fat. They are often administered weekly and help to reduce the amount of fat the body stores. These injections also increase energy levels, which makes being active or pumping up one’s workout regimen simple.

 Lipotropics help to maintain a healthy liver in the body. The liver is responsible to help the digestion process, distribute nutrients throughout the body and detoxify poisons and wastes from the body.

 Lipotropics injections can:

• Lower cholesterol
• Improve energy and mood
• Improve brain and organ function
• Suppress appetite
• Convert carbohydrates to energy
• Decrease water weight

Other Important Weight Loss Supplements

Oftentimes unexplainable weight loss gain can be due to a vitamin deficiency. Vitamins are important to keep the body functioning normally and to help the body to form red blood cells. Ultimately, B12 is a major part of a weight loss regimen because it metabolizes both carbohydrates and fats and helps to release energy from various nutrients. This release will increase energy levels, leading to more activity, more burning of calories and WEIGHT LOSS! It is a major player in terms of brain and nervous system function.

 Another important nutrient is Choline, which protects our liver from fat buildup and helping to prevent memory loss. If liver damage exists, Choline has the ability to reverse damage that has already occurred.

Next, Inositol helps the fat breakdown, reducing cholesterol and monitor insulin levels in the body. Vitamin B-5 and Vitamin B-6 also help balance mineral levels in the body and are linked to good cardiovascular health. They help balance hormones in the body for women and bulk up the immune system.

Weekly lipotropic injections and regular vitamins levels can both promote weight loss.
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