7 Shopping Tips While You’re Still Losing Weight

  • By Dr. Anand Thakkar
  • 16 Mar, 2016
When you begin your weight loss journey, you know that you can’t expect to see immediate results. Your doctor informed you that healthy weight loss takes time, and you set goals to make the necessary lifestyle changes that keep the weight off permanently.

But what do you do about your clothes in the meantime?

If you want to update your look before you finish your weight loss regimen, you may face a dilemma: is it worth it to buy an entirely new wardrobe when you risk dropping another size? How can you match the latest trends while in the process of losing weight?

Read this post for seven tips on how to stay current with your fashion while you continue to lose weight.

1. Make Drawstrings and Wraps Your Best Friend

Any wrap dresses, elastic waist skirts, or drawstring bottoms provide you with the perfect option for this transitional period in your life. As you continue to exercise and diet, you’ll lose inches off your waistline, and you can use the drawstring to accentuate your new figure. The wrap silhouette also helps you cinch in the width of your clothes without looking like you bought the wrong size.

Drawstrings and wraps also give you a little leeway if you happen to gain back a few pounds around the middle during your weight loss regimen. Invest in clothing with these features as you lose weight, and you won’t have to buy as many items once you’re down to your target weight.

2. Rediscover Your Existing Closet

When you feel uncomfortable about your weight, you probably don’t want to wear some of your favorite clothes, like skinny jeans or bold, flashy colors that accentuate your size. But when you start to slim down, you can enjoy some of your old purchases without spending a penny.

Sort through your closet before you head to the mall and try on everything in sight. You might surprise yourself with how good you feel in a previously unflattering pair of jeans, and you can avoid spending extra dollars on replacement clothes.

3. Update Your Look with Accessories

If you want to update your look but you worry that you’re losing weight too quickly to make a wardrobe overhaul cost-effective, buy some accessories to add a splash of color to your existing clothes.

Look through magazines or browse fashion blogs for inspiration, and decide on a few statement pieces to give your wardrobe sparkle. A bauble necklace will draw attention away from last year’s t-shirt and help you fit in with the latest trends. You can also select an oversized off-brand handbag to complement your newer, slimmer look.

4. Splurge on the Right Fit

Basic items, like a good pair of dark wash jeans or a snug-fitting bra, need to be updated when you drop a few pounds. And when you invest in the right fit, you make every outfit look pulled together and polished.

Every few months during your weight loss process, check your size and invest in the right underwear. All of your clothes—old or new—will flatter your body better if you start with the right bra and build up from there.

5. Forgo Layers Until the Very End

Before you reach your target weight, avoid adding bulk to your silhouette with chunky layers. Instead, opt for light, blousy fabrics that hide any excess curves. Without spending extra pennies, you’ll look sleek and modern when you choose clothes that drape around your figure. Monochromatic color schemes will also elongate your figure while you work to lose those last few pounds.

6. Stretch Your Budget with Stretchy Fabrics

Elastic waist jeans may only appeal to the maternity crowd, but leggings and stretchy tops will hug your figure for longer during your weight loss journey. When you shop, choose a few stretchy clothing items and buy them a size smaller than usual.

This purchase will give you a physical reminder of your weight loss goals, and it will also allow you to wear your new top or skirt for a longer period of time.

7. Reward Yourself Appropriately

If you believe in retail therapy, shopping for new clothes gives you the perfect weight loss motivation. Set realistic goals for your healthy lifestyle, and when you reach them, celebrate with a new dress or flattering pair of pumps.

When you treat yourself to a mini-shopping spree, you reinforce your positive behavior, and you gradually update your closet to match the season’s trends. You can also take a friend along and get her to support you during your weight loss process.

Remember these seven tips on your shopping excursions during the first few months of your weight loss program. You’ll find that you love fashion even more when you can wear clothes confidently on your new body.
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