Weight Loss Services

Appetite Suppressants

These are class A of FDA approved medications known as anorectics which are stimulants that control hunger and food intake.

Vitamin B12 has been shown to increase energy and play an important role in the body's metabolism of fat and decreasing fat deposits. It is administered as a subcutaneous injection

Lipotropic Injections

Lipotropic injections are used to dissolve excessive fat in some parts of the body in which exercise doesn't work. Some of these areas include the stomach, inner thighs, neck, buttocks and hips.

Lipotropic injection contains vitamin B1, B2, B3, Riboflavin, B5, B6, B12, Methionine, Inositol, Choline and other nutrients to help dissolve the excessive fat.

The amino acids that are injected into the body stimulate the liver into optimizing the process of metabolism. These injections boost the metabolic power of the body, help the liver remove fat; distributes cholesterol and prevents it from getting deposited in one part of the body.

Lipotropic nutrients are a class of natural ingredients that play important roles in the body's use of fat. These compounds enhance liver and gallbladder's role by decreasing fat deposits and speeding up metabolism of fat and its removal.

  • Increases Energy
  • Boosts Metabolism
  • Fat Burner
  • Regulates Cholesterol
  • Accelerates Carb/Sugar and Fat Metabolism
  • Reduces Stress

Diet and Nutrition Counseling

Having a healthy body leads to a sound mind and thereby achieve the perfect YOU!!
A Rejuvenated YOU!!

Food plays a vital role to bring the much needed energy and nutrients for a healthy body. Food is the basic foundation of human life.

All dietary weight loss programs preach that either by controlling the quantity or quality of the food intake, it is possible to achieve weight loss.

At Chicago Weight Loss & Nutrition Clinic, we offer Diet and Nutrition Counseling for everyone who aims to have a balanced lifestyle.

We prepare a customized plan to suit your individual needs.

More information can be obtained during the monthly seminar at the Chicago Weight Loss & Nutrition Clinic.

Please sign up at the front desk with your phone number and email address.

Individual and group nutritional sessions with the consultant can also be scheduled during rest of the days based on your availability and schedule.

Chicago Weight Loss & Nutrition Clinic aims at bringing to you a positive lifestyle filled with healthy habits!!

FREE Weight Loss Support Group

All are invited to attend the support groups which will be conducted on the 1st and 3rd Tuesday of every month from 7pm to 8pm CST. Various topics related to health, nutrition and weight loss will be discussed.

In addition, special speakers will be arranged to address questions on Metabolic syndrome, thyroid imbalance, anti-aging, Weight Loss and Osteoarthritis, preparing Nutritional plans, Food sensitivity and Intolerance, Genetic Testing, Male and Female Health, Sexual Dysfunction, Menopause, Hormone Replacement Therapy etc.

It is open to anyone above 12 years to 80 years who is interested not only in weight loss but also to improve health and longevity.

Call Chicago Weight Loss and Nutrition Clinic at 847-884-7379 to find out the topics and keynote speakers for each month.

Dietary Supplements

At Chicago Weight Loss and Nutrition Clinic we offer a wide variety of dietary supplements for weight loss, general health, muscle building, mood enhancing athletic performance and anti-aging.

Visit us for a free consultation and to browse our supplement store

Weight Loss Services - Appetite Suppressants, Lipotropic Injections, Dietary SupplementsWeight Loss Services - Appetite Suppressants, Lipotropic Injections, Dietary Supplements


Deborah’s Story

After her mother passed away, Deborah says that she began to gain “grief weight”.  Working a fulltime job that requires her to sit all day, Deborah said that her grief forced her to be sedentary even when home. Being in the mindset that there were a lot of things she could not do, and admittedly accepting a “that’s just how things are going to be” attitude, Deborah was unhappy with her weight and felt defeated.

Perhaps she never felt anymore defeated than last March, when her and her husband went on a cruise. Limited by the amount of time that she could stand or walk, Deborah was forced to board the ship in a wheelchair. “That was a low point for me,” Deborah said. “I thought to myself, ‘I am 54 years old, I shouldn’t need that. I don’t have any health problems.” Along with the embarrassment of her body forcing her to board the ship via wheelchair, came the motivation to seek help.

While on the cruise Deborah began talking with her husband about an online advertisement she had seen for the Chicago Weight Loss and Wellness Clinic. She told him that the advertisement had caught her eye a few months earlier and had been something she was considering. Her husband was nothing but supportive, and Deborah knew that she had to do something – she no longer wanted to be that women in the wheelchair. Once she returned from her cruise, Deborah wasted no time and contacted Dr. Thakkar and his team.

The Solution

Over the years, Deborah had tried a lot of things to lose weight that just did not work out. She would lose some weight, and then gain some weight. After meeting with Dr. Thakkar, Deborah was determined to have a hormonal imbalance.

Dr. Thakkar and his team suggested that Deborah take part in the Ideal Protein program and developed a diet plan for Deborah that emphasized how to appropriately plan her diet, and held her accountable every week through weekly meetings, weigh-ins, and food journal reviews – a diet plan that has changed her life.

Utilizing the Ideal Protein program, Deborah noticed immediate results. “It was an program for me to follow,” Deborah said. “I started losing weight right away; I am a person who is very determined. When I decide to something, I am going to do it.”

Having had success utilizing other diet programs in the past, Deborah had always gained the weight she lost back. However, she said she never had any worries about gaining the weight she had been losing under the watch of the team at the Chicago Weight Loss and Wellness Clinic. “There is a lot of support,” Deborah said. “When I go in every week they are encouraging, positive, and are so friendly that I truly look forward to my visit there. It is very important to have a strong support system.”

The Results

Remarkably, Deborah has lost over 110 pounds in just under a year. Deborah said that she has now set long-term goals to continue her healthy lifestyle. Deborah added that she has a new outlook on life. “For 2014, I have this mantra,” Deborah said. “Happy, healthy, and hopeful; I am going to have a better life now and I have this mindset that this isn’t something temporary, this is something that I am going to be doing for the rest of my life.”

Recently, Deborah and her husband have purchased tickets to go on another cruise – and this time, Deborah looks forward to walking to board the ship.



Jennifer’s Story

Working a job that requires her to be on her feet the majority of the day, Jennifer developed plantar fasciitis. After surgery, Jennifer described herself as beginning to spiral down, gaining weight and losing control of her life. Constantly feeling tired and fatigued, Jennifer was eager to find help.

Despite seeking the help of other primary care physicians over the course of three years, Jennifer was unable to find a program that garnered results. Luckily, Jennifer’s problems ceased once she sought the advice and expertise offered by Dr. Thakkar and his team at the Chicago Weight Loss and Wellness Clinic.

The Solution

After a thorough evaluation, Dr. Thakkar determined that Jennifer had a hormone imbalance resulting from hypothyroidism. At Dr. Thakkar’s urging, Jennifer began a high protein diet aimed at rectifying her hormone imbalance and assisting her in establishing control of her weight – and her life.

Shortly after beginning the treatment offered by the Chicago Weight Loss and Wellness Clinic, Jennifer began feel more energetic. Realizing her results, Jennifer was motivated and excited to see how far the program developed specifically for her needs would be able to take her.

The Results

After just five months, Jennifer lost over 100 pounds.

“It changed my life,” Jennifer said. “In my head I thought that I want to be one of those grandmas that can keep up with their grandkids. I lost my mom when she was 50, and thought that anything I can do to prolong my life, who doesn’t want to feel good?”

Realizing her goals and excited about her weight loss, Jennifer now has a new appreciation for life.

“For the first time in my life, I like myself,” Jennifer said. “I never thought (before) that I didn’t. But I was never truly happy inside and out.”

Jennifer said that the team at the Chicago Weight Loss and Wellness Clinic offered immense support and made keeping on-pace throughout her program an exciting process.

“They are a great bunch of people,” Jennifer said. “I would look forward to going there. They are great motivators and gave me the right tools. I am grateful for them; they made everything easy to do.”


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